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This one week trip to Gizo hospital will be coordinated by senior surgeon Dr Douglas Pikacha.  There will be three surgeons and two anaesthetists, and one medical student from overseas (Australia and New Zealand), with the aim to run two operating theatres (one with GA facility, one with only spinal and local anaesthetic) for three days (Tuesday 26th Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th September). Dr Douglas Pikacha will screen suitable cases from 10am – 2pm on Monday 25th September, and also do a final ward round on Sunday morning the 1st October.  The plan is for six nursing staff to be provided by Gizo hospital in order to ensure the safe running of two operating theatres.  Thursday 28th September will be day for relaxation and trip to Fatboys.

Equipment that is lacking for this trip is laparoscopic insufflation tubing, diathermy gel pads, bandages and dressings and Fred demister. The laparoscopic fibreoptic cables and cameras are getting old and will need replacing soon.

Mark Muhlmann's team


10. Sep 2017 Gen Surg            
Suggested itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin Destination Rego Paid Rego Approved Hotel Hotel deposit paid
 details Dr Mark Muhlmann Colorectal & Endoscopy 25th Sep – 1st Oct 2017 Prince of Wales Hosptial, Sydney Gizo Yes Not Yet Naqua N/A
details  Dr Christophe Berney General & Thyroid & Endoscopy 25th Sep – 1st Oct 2017 Bankstown hospital, Sydney Gizo Yes Not Yet  Gizo Hotel N/A
details Dr Vinod Pushpalingham GP Anaesthetist 25th Sep – 1st Oct 2017 Perth Gizo Yes Not Yet Naqua N/A
 details  Dr Eva Juhasz   Colorectal & Breast, & Endoscopy  25th Sep – 1st Oct 2017  North Shore, Auckland  NRh? Gizo  Yes  Not Yet  Naqua  N/A
 details  Dr Rajiv Gupta  Anaesthetist  25th Sep – 1st Oct 2017  St George Hospital, Sydney  Gizo  Yes  Not Yet  Naqua  N/A
Details  Sam Arnold  Medical student  25th Sep – 1st Oct 2017  University of Otago  Gizo Yes  Yes  undecided  N/A
 Details  Dr Douglas Pikacha  General & Thyroid surgeon  24th Sep – 1st Oct 2017  National Referral Hospital  Gizo  N/A  N/A  Naqua  N/A
Dr Pikacha arrives 4:40pm Sunday 24th Sep, 2017 to do  screening of patients on Monday 25th September 10am-2pm. DAISI volunteers all arrive Gizo 4:40pm Monday 25th September. Planned surgery Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th & Friday 29th September. Thursday 28th September will be relaxation. Dr Pikacha and entire DAISI team does final ward round Sunday 1st Oct before catching the am flight from Gizo to Honiara, with 1 hour transit before onward flight home.