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This trip to Namuga, is a fact finding mission, that will involve us all arriving at Santa Ana airport at 1:55pm Wednesday 8th November, and catching 2 bananna boats for the 45minute trip to Namuga (up to 90 minutes in bad weather).  It involves open ocean, and can be rough, and life vests will be provided on request.  Namuga hospital is a hospital that has just been built, and part of this mission is to get donated medical and surgical supplies operational (e.g. anaesthetic machine).  The accommodation for staff has not yet been built, so volunteers will be roughing it staying in the hospital. All volunteers are to bring their own inflatable mattes, and mosquito net. Cooking facilities are basic (open wood fire), and rice and basic food will be provided for volunteers.  There may or may not be electricity for this trip. Scrrening of patients will occur at 3pm the day we arrive (Wednesday 8th November), and surgery under local anaesthetic and spinal will occur all day Thursday and Friday the 9th and 10th of November, with our departure from Namuga at 8am on Saturday 11th November by boat to Santa Ana, and departure from Santa Ana airpot at 11:30am for  Kirakia.

11. Nov 2017 Gen Surg            
Suggested itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin Destination Rego Paid Rego Approved Hotel Hotel deposit paid
details Dr Chris Millar GP 8-11 Nov 2017 Murwillimbah Hospital Namuga Yes Yes TBA N/A
 details Dr Scott Swires  Emergency Physician  8-11 Nov  Potts Vill, NSW  Namuga  No  Not Yet  TBA  N/A
 details Dr Gary McKay Colorectal Surgeon 8-11 Nov 2017 Ryde Hosptial, Sydney Namuga Yes Not Yet TBA N/A
details Dr  Rob Boeke Anaesthetist 8-11 Nov 2017 Sunshine Coast Hospital Namuga Yes Not Yet TBA N/A
details Dr Michael Su Surgical Registrar 8-11 Nov 2017 Westmead Hospital Namuga No Not Yet TBA N/A
details  Sarah Bennell  RN  8-11 Nov 2017  Mater Hospital, Sydney  Namuga  No  Not Yet  TBA  N/A
 details  Davis Harara  Biomedical Engineer 8-11 Nov 2017  namuga  No  Not Yet TBA N/A
 details  Dr Santee Santhanam  Colorectal surgeon  8-11 Nov 2017  Newcastle Private  Namuga  No  Not Yet  TBA  N/A
 details  Vasu Santhanam  Volunteer  8-11 Nov 2016  Newcastle  Namuga  No  Not Yet  TBA  N/A
Screen patients Namuga hospital Wednesday 8th November 2017 from 3pm-5pm, and operate all day Thursday 9th Nov &  Friday 10th November.