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This one week trip to Gizo hospital will be coordinated by Dr Rooney Jagilly (Senior Surgeon and Medical Superintendent of National Referral Hospital), and involve two surgeons, three anaesthetists and one resident medical officer.  This trip will emphasis colorectal, thyroid & breast surgery and gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Screening of patients will occur Tuesday 2nd July, with surgery planned for Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Friday, with recreation on Thursday.  The plan is to run two operating theatures (one under GA and one under spinal), with a full compliment on nursing staff (6 minimum) from Gizo hospital to make this possible.

brisbane team






9. JULY 2018 Colorectal & Endocine        
Suggested itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin Destination Rego Paid Rego Approved Hotel Hotel deposit paid
details Dr Rooney Jagilly General Surgeon 2 July- 8 July 2018 National Referral Hospital, Honiara Gizo No N/A Naqua N/A
details  Dr Carina Chow Colorectal Surgeon 2 July- 8 July 2018  Mater & Royal Women’s Hospital,  Brisbane  Gizo  No Not Yet Naqua  N/A
details  Dr Ben Green Breast & Endocine Surgeon 2 July- 8 July 2018  Holy Spirit, Northside, Brisbane Gizo No Not Yet Naqua  N/A
 details Dr Christy Yeow Colorectal Surgeon 2 July- 8 July 2018 Redcliff Hospital, Brisbane. Gizo No Not Yet Naqua  N/A
 details Dr Jonathan Lau  Anaesthetist 2 July- 8 July 2018  Princes Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane Gizo No Not yet Naqua  N/A
details Dr Pierre Kotze Anaesthetist 2 July- 8 July 2018  Royal Women’s Hospital, Brisbane  Gizo  No Not yet Naqua  N/A
details  Dr Tahleesa Cuda RMO  2 July – 8 July 2018  Royal Women’s Hospital, Brisbane  Gizo  No  Not Yet Naqua  N/A
details  Sir-Kit Leong  GP 2 July – 8 July 2018  Brisbane  Gizo  No  Not Yet  Naqua  N/A
Screening of  cases Tuesday  2nd July from 8am – 2pm. Operating Tuesday pm, all day Wed & Friday