Dr. Tim Nicholson – Chairman

 Email Dr. Tim Nicholson       +61 409 927 547
Dr Tim Nicholson is urologist from Orange and Chair of DAISI who first visited Gizo Hospital as a volunteer  for 2 weeks in June / July 2014 with a subsequent visits in July each year. He set up endoscopic urology at Gizo and performed the first TURP on 1st July 2014. On each visit  he was accompanied by his own anaethetist Dr Tsung Chai & Dr Ian Carter and his daughter Jacqui, a surgical registrar.  On the first two occasions he took his own scrub team. Dr Nicholson has been instrumental in establishing DAISI. His philosophy is to teach and train basic urology to local nursing and medical staff, and encourage outreach visits to Gizo from the Honiara urologist.

Dr Gareth Iremonger – Vice Chairman

 Email Gareth Iremonger       +64 21 318 534
Dr Gareth Iremonger , an aerospace physiologist, flight lieutenant in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and residant doctor at North Shore Hospital in Auckland and Vice Chair of DAISI.  Gareth 
did his medical student elective at Gizo hospital from November 2015 until January 2016, spending over 3 months working full-time at Gizo hospital. Half way through his rotation, he and another medical student were the only foreign aid in the emergency department, with Gareth largely responsible for treating emergency cases.  In his role as Vice Chair of DAISI he has successfully placed over 30 specialist doctors and 20 medical students on placement in the Solomon Islands, and organised a number of donation transfers to the Solomon Islands. Gareth plans to return to Solomon Islands in 2017 with a particular interest in supervising medical students during their elective in the Solomon Islands.

Dr. Gary McKay – Secretary

 Email Dr. Gary McKay       +61 411 248 910
Dr McKay, a colorectal surgeon from Sydney and Secretary of DAISI has spent just over four years with his wife Roshini (also a nurse) doing full-time volunteer medical work in developed countries. Dr McKay and Roshini visit the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara & Gizo hospital the last week of June and February each year doing larger colorectal cases at NRH and smaller cases at Gizo hospital. Dr McKay was instrumental in establishing DAISI. His main interest is teaching nurses and doctors various aspects of colorectal surgery and he is also a keen supporter of international exchange electives for doctors and medical students.

Dr. Sepehr Lajevardi – Treasurer

 Email Dr. Sepehr Lajevardi      +61 433 116 266
Dr Sepehr Lajevardi is a plastics advanced trainee registrar from Royal Perth Hospital, and Treasurer for DAISI who spent 2 weeks in the Solomon Islands in January 2016, doing mainly plastics and hand/tendon surgery.  He plans to return on a regular basis and has been instrumental in organising the donation of much needed medical supplies. Sepehr has also been instrumental in establishing DAISI as a registered not for profit charity.


Dr. Rachel Khoo – Sponsorship Officer

 Email Dr. Rachel Khoo      +61 432 885 316
Dr Rachel Khoo is an unaccredited plastics registrar from Perth, and Sponsorship Officer for DAISI who spent 1 weeks in the Solomon Islands in January 2017.  Rachel has also been instrumental in organising sponsorship for DAISI trips to the Solomon Islands.


Mona Sajeev – Medical Student Liaison Officer

 Email Mona Sajeev     
Mona is a final year medical student who spent four weeks volunteering in Gizo in January and February 2017. During her placement she was able to work both in the ED and operating theatres. Mona has been interested in global health throughout her medical education, organising lecture series and fundraising events at UNSW as part of the Medical Students’ Aid Project, a student-run charity. She would love to eventually train as a surgeon and be able to contribute those skills during volunteer trips to the Solomon Islands.  As the DAISI Medical Student Liaison Officer, she is the first port of call for any medical student enquiries. 

narko TutuoNarko Tutuo – Anaesthetic Liaison Officer

 Email Narko Tutuo       +61 414 540 740
Dr Narko Tutuo, is orginally from the Solomon Islands, and is currently an anaesthetist in Nepean Hospital, Western Sydney.  He is keen to be involved in teaching all aspects of anaesthetics to trainees in the Solomon Islands.