The status of your application to volunteer with DAISI in the Solomon Islands is indicated by the colour of text adjacent to your name:

red text = volunteer not yet confirmed (please email confirmation of your intent to volunteer to
black text = volunteer’s medical application form or nursing application formnecessary supporting documents & curriculum vitae have not yet been received by DAISI (please email to
blue text = application sent, pending approval from Solomon Islands Registry Board
green text = Good to go! Volunteer’s registration in Solomon Islands either not required or has already been approved

This one week DAISI trip will involve all volunteers arriving in Honiara on 26th feb 2018, and flying to Gizo, then returning to regroup with other volunteers in Honiara on Saturday 3rd March, and depart Honiara for home on Sunday 4th March 2018.


the a team

suggested itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin  Destination Confirmed
 Details  Dr Anubhav Mittal  Hepatobiliary 26 Feb – 4 Mar 2018 Royal North Shore & Ryde Hospital, Sydney Gizo  Yes
 Details  Dr Douglas Pikacha  General Surgeon  26 Feb – 4 Mar 2018  Solomon Islands  Gizo  Yes
 details  Dr David Lee  Surgical Reg  26 Feb – 4 Mar 2018  Mater Hospital  Gizo  Not Yet
 Details  Dr Stallone  Surgical Reg  26 Feb – 4 Mar 2018  National Referral Hospital, Honiara  Gizo  Not Yet
 This trip has been approved/confirmed by Gizo hospital confirmation. Dr Douglas Pikacha and a surgical registrar from National referral Hospital (NRH), will screen patients 10am – 2pm on Monday 26th Feb 2018.  All other volunteers arrive in Honiara 26th Feb, then head to their province, and meet back in Honiara on Saturday 3rd March, departing Honiara Sunday 4th March 2018.