DAISI is committed to providing good corporate and clinical governance in all matters.

DAISI’s Constitution reflects the ethos that underlie all DAISI Policies. DAISI is a full member and signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct and committed to the Nine ACFID principles that heavily shape DAISI’s Policies and Codes of Conduct.

DAISI’s Company Governance Structure describes the hierarchy and legal framework for ensuring the delivery of good governance.

Fundamental to good governance is total transparency and accountability. DAISI provides complete factual information to its members, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies with DAISI’s Annual Report describing key activities and all financial matters for the proceeding financial year.

Members are encouraged to attend the DAISI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) where they can ask questions of the Board and vote on matters raised at this meeting.

DAISI Executive Committee/Board meetings are held quarterly and are attended by DAISI’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee (Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) to discuss organisational and governance processes and to allow voting on policies and procedures of an executive nature. Fundamental to these meetings is input received from DAISI’s Office Bearers including the CEO, as well as the Genera Manager who attend by invitation and keep the Board of Directors up to date on all matters.