Dr Danny Kozman

Dr Daniel Kozman

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Dr Daniel Kozman is a member and Board Member of DAISI.  From 2017 – 2019 he was also the Deputy Chair of DAISI. Dr Kozman is a colorectal surgeon from St George and Bankstown Hospital in Sydney who first volunteered at Honiara and Gizo hospital in Solomon Islands July/August 2016. Dr Kozman has since done multiple trips to the South Pacific. Dr Kozman is keen on teaching all aspects of colorectal and laparoscopic surgery.  Dr Kozman has also been instrumental in providing necessary surgery in Australia not available in the Solomon Islands. Dr Kozman has also been a key organiser & participant  for DAISI’s reclaiming and shipping of medical equipment to the South Pacific.

Dr  Gary McKay

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Dr Gary McKay is a founding member of DAISI, a board member, and was the elected Secretary since DAISI’s inception in 2012 until June 2023 when he stood down.  Dr McKay has had a long interest and involvement in global health. Dr McKay regularly volunteers in the South Pacific.  Although no longer DAISI’s Secretary, Dr McKay  remains a committed DAISI Board member.

Dr Sepehr Lajevardi 

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 Dr Sepehr Lajevardi is a plastic surgeon from Sydney and Co-Founder of DAISI and current DAISI Board member, as well as a member of the DAISI Audit and Risk Committee.   

Dr Lajevardi, along with Dr McKay, founded DAISI first volunteering in the Solomon Islands in January 2016, doing mainly plastics and hand/tendon surgery. He returned again in June 2017 and returns on a regular basis. Dr Lajevardi has been instrumental in organising the donation of much needed medical supplies and organising funding grants for DAISI projects, as well as fund raising and organisation of the DAISI Charity Ball.

Dr Lajevardi is passionate about developing world medicine with future trips to the South Pacific planned for later this year.

Dr Lajevardi was the elected Treasurer for DAISI from 2015-2017, and the elected Chair of DAISI in 2017-2019,  Currently is serves on the Board, and also the Audit and Risk Committee.


Prof Chris Berney

Prof Christophe Berney.

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Professor Christophe Berney is the current DAISI Chair elected on 3rd May 2022, and by virtue of this also a Board Member during this tenure.   Prof Berney is a General surgeon from Sydney with expertise in colorectal, upper GI and thyroid surgery and hernia surgery having both public and private hospital appointments.   Prof Berney is head of department of general surgery at Bankstown hospital and also a Conjoint Professor with the University of NSW. Prof Berney has a keen interest in humanitarian work in developing countries and first volunteered with DAISI in Gizo (Solomon Islands) in September 2017, has returned to the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and PNG as a DAISI volunteer on a numerous occasions.