DAISI is grateful to its high quality members who all must meet strict criteria for annual membership renewal agreeing to comply with the ACFID Code of Conduct, and passing performance checks to ensure compliance with DAISI’s Child protection and other policies. All members and volunteers have current Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and National Police Certificates (NPC) before volunteering.



An Alphabetical listing of DAISI’s active members is below:

Ahmadzai, Marrwah (Gynae Reg)
Anthony, Luke (General Surgeon)
Ashrafizadeh, Amir (Surgical Registrar)
Azzopardi, Justin (Anaesthetic Registrar)
Balayasoderan, Neeban (ICU Registrar)
Bannerman, Malcolm (Anaesthetist)
Barford, Barry (Logistician)
Bell, Peter (Obstetrician & Gynnaecologist)
Berney, Christophe (General Surgeon & DAISI Chair)
Blumenthal, Normal (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist)
Boeke, Robert (Anaesthetist)
Boghosian, Araz (gynaecologist)
Breiting, Petra (RN)
Brijball, Raj (Anaesthetist)

Brodaric, Alen (UGI & Hepatobiliary Registrar)
Burton, Renee (Anaesthetist)

Casikar, Vidyasagar (Neurosurgeon)
Castro, Michelle (Anaesthetist)
Cheung, Caran (ED Registrar)
Chow, Carina (Colorectal Surgeon)
Clark, Elaine (Anaesthetist)
Clarke, Tony (Gastroenterologist)
Collins, Ann (Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgeon)
Collins, Sally (Registered Nurse)
Coulson, Julie (Anaesthetic Nurse)
Deylami, Sam (DAISI’s Treasurer)
Edwards, Hayley (RN)
Edwards, Laura (O&G Registrar)
Ellis, Simon (ICU & Anaesthetic SRMO)

Ewing, Hamish (Breast Surgeon)
Fenton, Linda (General, Head & Neck Surgeon)
Ferrier, Charlotte (Medical Student)
Field, Byron (O&G Registrar)
Fitridge, Rob (Vascular Surgeon)

Flores, Vanessa (Registered Nurse)
Frisby, Sheridan (Anaesthetic Trainee)
Fuentes, Erick (Breast Surgeon)

Fuller, Fran (Registered Nurse)
Gould, Tiffany (Surgical Trainee)
Gramlick, Madelyn (Surgical Registrar)
Green, Ben (Breast & Endocrine Surgeon)
Gupta, Rajiv (Anaesthetist)
Hali, Nili (Barrister,  Child Protection Officer & Audit & Risk Assessment Committee member )
Heinz, Sean (Gynaecologist)
Hewett, Peter (Colorectal Surgeon & Secretary)
Hill, Sophia (Medical Student)
Holmes, Timothy (Surgical SRMO)
Huang, Yu-Ting (O&G Registrar)
Hughes, Annabelle (RMO)
Irvine, Brendan (Anaesthetist)
Irwin, Saskia (Anaesthetic Registrar)
Japhlet, Elvis (General Surgeon)
Jeffery, Jason (RMO)
Jeffrey, Katherine (Anaesthetist)
Jones, Chris (GP)
Kapurabandara, Supuni, (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

Kennedy, Martin (Palliative Care and Rehab Physician)
Khaw, Suzanne (Gynae Registrar)

Kim, Shin (Surgical registrar) 
Kittel, Guenter (Trauma Surgeon)
Knox, David (Obstetrician & Gynaecologist)
Kotze, Pierre (Anaesthetist)
Kozman, Danny (Colorectal Surgeon & DAISI Board Member)
DAISI Board Member)
Lacy, Leo (Anaesthetist)
Lajevardi, Sepehr Seyed (Plastic Surgeon, DAISI Co-Founder/Board Member)

Lam, Harry (Anaesthetist & Kiribati Programme Officer)
Lau, Jonathan (Anaesthetist)
Leodoro, Basil (General & Paediatric Surgeon)
Lewer, Brian (Anaesthetist) 

Lim, Jessica (Anaesthetist) 
Lopez, Dominic (Physiotherapist)
Lucas, Sally-Ann (Anaesthetic Nurse)
Mabanto, Khristine (Anaesthetic Nurse)
McKay, Anita (Registered Nurse)
McKay, Gary (General Surgeon & DAISI Co-Founder & Board Member )

Merrie, Arend (Colorectal Surgeon)
Milanovic, Mitchel (ED Registrar)
Mitchell, Claire (ED Registrar)
Muhlmann, Mark (Colorectal Surgeon)
Ng, Kelvin (O&G Trainee)
Nicholson, Tim (Uroloigst)
O’Donnell, Tom (Medical Student)
Parry, Jonathan  (Surgical Trainee)

Parr, Alexander  (Gynaecologist)

Rajan, Arathi (Anaesthetist)
Ranmuthugia, Geetha (Public Physician)

Reid, Fiona (Colorectal Surgeon)
Richards, Helen (Stomal Therapist)

Richards, Ian Hosking (Sponsorship Officer)
Richter, Konrad (Colorectal Surgeon Fiji Programme Officer)
Rickard, Matthew (Colorectal Surgeon)
Saretzki, Charlotte (Medical Student)
Sandroussi, Charbel (Hepatobiliary Surgeon)
Santhanam, Anaimattam Natesa (Santee) (Colorectal Surgeon)
Santhanam, Vasu (Volunteer & Gender Equality Officer)
Sen, Kavita (Medical Student)
Singarayar, Suresh (cardiologist) 
Sivakumar, Aswini (Gynae Reg)
Taffa, Mark (Biomedical & PNG Programme Officer)
Thangavel, Dhivya (Gynaecologist)
Tong, Alan (Gynaecologist)
Tweedale, Geoff (Anaesthetist)
Valentin, Roumel (Anaesthetist)
Van Rigin, Katie (Registrar)

Verheyden, Matthew
Vishnoi, Veral (Surgical Registrar)

Wahid, Sarah (General Practitioner)
Wang, Mandy (O&G Trainee)
Wertheimer, Graeme (Medical Student Liaison Officer )
Yeow, Christy (Anaesthetist)Wertheimer,

Yuan, Lillian Eva  (Anaesthetist)
Yip, Desmond (Medical Oncologist)
Yip, Erina (Volunteer & Disability Support Officer)
Young, Teneki (Nurse)
Youssef, George (Cardiologist)