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DAISI is committed to the ACFID Code of Conduct in its Annual Reporting of activities to its members and stakeholders.


  • DAISI’s purpose is to promote health and wellbeing amongst its South Pacific Neighbours.


  • DAISI’s objectives this year were to providing medical and surgical assistance and education where it is most needed and requested to the people of the South-Pacific Islands.
  • This year saw increased interest from Papua New Guinea, and in keeping for our objectives of providing assistance and education where it is most needed and requested, a laparoscopic training unit has been established at Sopas Hospital in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Some services to less needy countries, or those where requests were not made, have also been wound back in keeping with the above objectives.
  • DAISI also values the need for safety, and has conducted audit of all surgical procedures performed this year, and is please to report a very high success rate, with no significant morbidites this year, and zero mortality.


  • The most significant aid and development activities undertaken this year include:
  • the sending of 15 specialist to four countries in 2019  (Kiribati, Vanuatu, PNG & Solomon Islands) which included the following volunteers: 36 specialist doctors; 17 non specialist doctors; 13 nurses; 2 medical students; & 3 non medical volunteers.
  • Screening of over 460 patients, performing 201 operations. 2. sent one container of surgical supplies to Sopas District Hospital, Enga Province of Papua New Guinea;
  • Establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with two hospitals in PNG (Sopas and Alotou)
  • Established cardiac rehab facility at Gizo Hospital & National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Solomon Islands
  • Successful implementation of a diabetic foot clinics at NRH.
  • Successful implementation of laparoscopic workshops and surgery at Sopas hospital (PNG), Gizo and NRH hospitals (Solomon Islands)
  • Successful fundraising at the Annual DAISI Charity Ball on 14th Dec 2019 raising money to send shipping container to South-Pacific


  • Significant changes to DAISI’s governing body, with the elections of new Chair (associated Professor Matt Rickard), New Treasurer (Dr Santee Santhanam), and New Co-Vice Chair Professor Christophe Berney.
  • Also addition of our first female Chief Executive Ofiicer, Dr Carina Chow..


  • Total income this financial year was $185,777, with total expenditure $165,431.
  • Money spent of administration was $1,747 representing 9.4% of total expenditure well below the 15% projections for the year.


  • Environmental sustainability issues were recognised with un-used donations found cluttered and in a disorganised state at one of the largest hospitals DAISI is involved with.
  • This has led to policy change which includes more stringent cataloging and more compartmentalised packaging of items sent in shipping containers, to make their unpacking easier, and for contents within packages to be more easily identified and thefore appropriately stored and used.
  • Policy was also made to ensure that equipment and goods sent in containers must be agreed by the receiving partners to be necessary.
  • Attendance at Briefing meetings prior to overseas trips has seen a marked increase since the introduction of team leaders, who coordinate an evening out at a restaurant in the week prior to planned trips oversease.  Attendance at these briefing session was also associated with a higher overall satisfaction score by DAISI volunteers on their return from trips overseas.
  • Reporting rates of volunteers still remains below 73%, with greater than 90% the target.
  • Attendance at debriefing meetings by DAISI volunteers has been 100%, but less than 70% by partnering staff, leaving room for improvement, and prompting a reminder before trips of the terms and conditions for visits and existing Memorandum of Understanding, in order to ensure better attendance and feedback from our partners at these meetings.