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7. JUNE 2017 Hepatobiliary & Colorectal            
Suggested itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin Destination Rego Paid Rego Approved Hotel Hotel paid
 details Dr Douglas Pikacha General Surgeon 25 Jun – 2 Jul 2017 NRH, Honiara NRH/Gizo N/A N/A Naqua (Gizo) N/A
 details Dr Adam Hill Anaesthetics 26 Jun – 30 Jun 2017 Westmead NRH/Gizo Yes

Rego Paid

yes Kitano Mendana (Honriara ) & Naqua (Gizo) Yes
 details Dr Danny Kozman Colorectal 26 Jun – 1 Jul 2017 St George Hospital NRH/Gizo Yes


yes Kitano Mendana (Honriara ) & Naqua (Gizo) & Kitanao Mendana  Yes
 Details  John Griscti  Medical student
 details Vanessa Flores RN – scrub 26 Jun- 2 Jul 2017 Westmead private NRH/Gizo Yes yes Kitano Mendana (Honriara ) & Naqua (Gizo & Kitano Mendana N/A
 details  Dr Eamonn Sheerin Anaesthetic Reg 26 Jun- 2 Jul 2017  Ryde Public Hospital  NRH/Gizo  yest yes Kitano Mendana (Honriara ) & Naqua (Gizo) & Kitano Mendana Yes
 details Dr Harry Lam Anaesthetist 26 Jun – 2 Jul 2017  St George Hospital NRH/Gizo Yes yes Kitano Mendana (Honiara) and Naqua (Gizo) & Kitano Mendana Yes
 details  Dr Gary McKay  Colorectal Surgeon  26 Jun – 2 Jul 2017  Ryde Hospital  NRH/Gizo  Yes  Yes  Kitano Mendana (Honriara ) & Naqua (Gizo) & Kitano Mendana (Honiara)  Yes
 Details  Sarah Dolan  Medical student  
 details Deima Keblikaite Anaes. Nurse  26 Jun – 2Jul 2017  Ryde Hospital NRH/Gizo  Yes yes Kitano Mendana (Honriara ) & Naqua (Gizo) & Kitano Mendana (Honiara) N/A
 details  Dr Anubhav Mittal  Hepatobiliary Surgeon  26 Jun – 9 Jul 2017 Royal North Shore & Ryde hospital Gizo only  Yes yes Fatboys (Gizo) No
 details  Dr Dipti Mittal  Palliative Care Physician  26 Jun – 9 Jul 2017  Concord Hospital  Gizo only  Yes  Yes  Fatboys (Gizo)  No
details Dr Yumiko Kadota Surgical registrar  26 Jun-30 June 2017  Sydney  NRH/Gizo  Yes  yes  Kitano Mendana (Honriara ) & Naqua (Gizo)  Yes
Itinerary for all volunteers: Screening patients for surgery Tuesday 27th June 10am – 2pm by Douglass Pikacha, Dr Anubhav Mittal, Dr Jenny Sigoto, & Dr Jahran Liligeto at Gizo Hospital outpatient department. Surgery at Gizo  all day Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June 2017.