This was a one week urology trip to Gizo hospital from 19th – 16th of June 2016.  Overseas volunteers on this team consisted of Dr Tim Nicholson, (DAISI chair and urologist from Orange), and his daughter and surgical registrar Dr Jacqueline Nicholson, anaesthetist Dr Ian Carter, and scrub nurse Loveness Mhako.

the urology team

Left to right: Dr Tim Nicholson, Dr Ian Carter, Dr Jacqueline Nicholson and Loveness Mhako

This was Dr Nicholson’s third trip to Gizo, and the least busy of his trips so far.  Although only 13 cases in total were performed during the one week visit, many of which were not purely urological, the less rushed pace allowed allowed extra time for teaching.  Unfortunatlely, the urology team from Honiara did not attend for teaching and participation as planned.

oxygen for baby

Dr Ian Carter providing inhalational anaesthesia for baby. 

There were no known significant complications during or after this trip. 
All of the TURP’s also had insertion of supra pubic catheters (SPC) which remained for one month post op in case of retention and this facilitated teaching of SPC to junior staff.

Two of the SPC’s were performed by Gizo RMO’s and one by Dr J. Nicholson. Urethral catheterisation with introducer was also taught as well as the technique of guidewire insertion into bladder and IDC over the guidewire.

Spinal and regional anaesthesia was taught by anaesthetist Dr Ian Carter to RMO Dr Hicks Bule, and registrar Dr Jahrad Liligeto.
Dr Ian Clarke teaching Hicks Bule how to do spinal tap
Dr Hicks Bule doing spinal anaesthetic with Dr Ian Carter
 Ward round
Ward round by Dr Jacqueline & Tim Nicholson and Dr Hicks Bule.


dinner at Gizo HotelRelaxing after hours at Gizo hotel


TN and kids
Dr Tim Nicholson hanging out with local kids


farewell danceFarewell bilikiki dance at end of trip.





3 x TURP
1 x Bilateral scrotal orchidectomy
3 x Cystoscopy
1 x Cystoscopy with bladder tumour resection
1 x Radical inguinal orchidectomy  ( large long-standing seminoma, negative surgical margins)
4 x Inguinal hernia repair
1 x Circumcision
13 = TOTAL