Acting General Manager – Doctors Assisting In South Pacific Islands (DAISI)

Establish plan A (Jan 2021)and Plan B (July 2021) for resumption of DAISI trips next year.

Contact all volunteers to ensure that they have current working with children checks (wcc) Criminal records checks (NPR), and new applications for temporary medical and nurses registration.

Establish renewal of all Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) contracts with our South -Pacific partners that includes in-principle support for ACFID Code of Conduct, particularly in matters pertaining to protection of children & the environment.

Work towards establishing improved working relationship with Vanuatu and Kiribati- two countries where previous trips have been a little ad-hoc and unorganised.

Liaise with DAISI “country directors” and our South-Pacific partners to set up regular trips each year at a similar time to allow better planning.

Establish with our partners more streamlined & timely application process for temporary medical and nursing registration.

Explore possibility of year long (or longer if possible) medical & nurse registration for regular repeat volunteers. 

Ensure all trips have clearly defined leaders (both volunteers and partners) with mutually agreed objectives, KPIs) 

Establish induction training of all volunteers before they volunteer including awareness of AFCID principles & Code of Conduct, their debriefing & reporting obligations after each volunteer trip (eg log book of  cases screened and operated on, kpi’s) and whether or not these were achieved.

Ensure post-trip assessment and report (by DAISI volunteer team leader and partners) is formally conducted stating clearly where DAISI and it’s partners met those objectives & KPIs with conclusions and recommendations. Ensure that this is reviewed and edited (if necessary) by Executive Board    before it is fed back to partners in an official report after each trip. These reports are crucial for ensuring improvement with each successive trip.

Develop secure cloud database accessible by GM, CEO & all office bearers. 

Develop  sponsors database with nominated contact person for correspondence (including DAISI’s annual reports, newsletter and DAISI Charity Ball invite)

Liaise with ACFID and NGOs (MedEarth, Berrima District Rotary, Solomon Foundation, ANZGITA in a collegiate manner and support them wherever DAISI can. 

Establish streamlined and cost effective shipping of containers to PNG (currently very expensive & slow process)

Negotiate with our partners and develop a template for shared goals and KPIs for all DAISI trips

Maintain correspondence with DAISI Executive so that all are aware of all decisions and plans