Aitutaki Hospital

Aitutaiki hospital

The hospital is run by two very welcoming doctors. The hospital is under-resourced but the staff work with much dedication and energy. Students on elective here can expect to be given a lot of responsibility and may find that they are permitted to run clinics in pairs, with back-up from the resident doctors as necessary.

Aitutaki Island is very remote and students will find it quite easy to complete all of the island attractions during their stay, such as climbing to the highest point on Aitutaki – Manga Pu (124m above sea level). Due to the lagoon surrounding the island and the remoteness of the location (you cannot see another island from the summit of Manga Pu), there is no TV station, post can take up to six months to reach its’ desination and supplies can only be delivered once a month. Importing produce is difficult because of the coral reef surrounding the shallow lagoon, which means that shipments have to be loaded onto speed boats to reach the harbour.

This elective is not for those looking for a social placement due to the remoteness of the island, however it is in an unparalleled location and offers a wealth of experieces to those who make the trip to Aitutaki, particularly as the doctors at the hospital are enthusiastic for students to be deeply involved in day to day workings.


For Aitutaki hospital, telephone 682-31002.