The DAISI Performance Reporting to ANCP should be honest, accurate and wherever possible based on robust, or adequate evidence.

  1. The ANCP Performance Report is should be submitted on-time annually. This is done online by the cut off date for submission usually 5pm last business day of September via Smartigtrants https://ancp.smartygrants.com.au

(login required):

2. DAISI’s performance report must contain the necessary and accurate data to meet DFAT and other stakeholder requirements including the ANCP.

3. The person that performs the performance report should not be the same person who signs off the authorisation. Typically the Secretary prepares the report which is signed off by the Chairperson.

4. Always check for error messeages in Header (eg calculations) before hitting submit.

Purpose of Performance Reports

5. The purpose of performance reports are to follow up on Atplan reported in June each year. (The Atplan report is stating what DAISI intends to deliver for the next financial year). The performance report is following up on this Atplan showing how DAISI has gone in delivering to the Atplan commitment.

6. The key part Of the performance report is the acquittal; an accurate report of what happened on the ground with DAISI projects so that DFAT can keep accurate records of how aid funds were spent.

7. A percentage (11:57) NGO’s will also be ask to submit a Partner Performance assessment.


8. Questions concerning ANCP performance reports should be directed to the ANCP Mailbox. Technical questions on use if the smartygrants website can be directed to the smartygrants email.

9. The Header should answer questions with a corporate summary response referring to how DAISI has achieved its requirements across the whole financial year. The template for the Online Header Navigation is shown below:

10. Where evidence (eg evaluation reports) can be used to support claims, these should be referenced in the Header Report.
11. The first question of the The Header asks about results and achievements DAISI has had in the financial year. This should be an executive summary with one or two examples (do not just a list of examples). Although not compulsory, It is preferable to enter the ANCP project number for two effective programs that highlight DAISI’s effectiveness.
12. The following YouTube clip gives practical advice in submitting the Performance report to ANCP, and should be viewed by the person submitting this report:
13. DAISI should keep abreast of changes to ANCP performance reporting requirements by attending rejuvenate webinars when they are advertised.