Lead the Executive Committee, represent DAISI and act as the overall custodian of DAISI on behalf of the Board and the stakeholders. Since February 2024 Board resolution it was determined that during their tenure the Chairperson will also have automatic Board Membership.

Report to the Board of Directors


Executive Committee Leadership

The Chair will oversee the performance of the DAISI Executive Committee, General Manager, CEO and Office Bearers, ensuring its effectiveness in all aspects of its role and set a the Quarterly Board Meeting agenda, which is primarily focused on strategy, ethical performance, the delivery of the highest possible standard of care, and accountability in all matters, ensuring that issues relevant to these areas are presented to the Board of Directors at the quarterly Board Meetings.
· Ensure, in conjunction with the DAISI Chief Executive Officer, that the Executive Committee determines the nature and extent of the material risks DAISI  is willing to embrace in the implementation of its strategy.
· Ensure that the board of directors receive accurate, high quality and timely information and reports to enable them to effectively monitor DAISI’s ethical compliance with its constitution.
· Ensure the Executive Committee has effective decision-making processes, is fully appraised of the DAISI’s strategic direction and has the opportunity to debate and contribute to major proposals.
· Ensure the Board Meetings are properly structured with appropriate terms of reference.
· Chair the Annual General Meeting (AGM) ensuring regular consideration of succession planning and the composition of the Executive Committee and its Office Bearers.

· Facilitate the effective contribution of non-executive Office Bearers and encourage open constructive communication, both in and outside the Board Meetings, between the non-executive Office Bearers and the executive team.
· Hold meetings with the non-executive Office Bearers, without the executive directors being present.
· Lead the development of DAISI’s culture by directing the other Board Members.

Stakeholder Relationships

  • In conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer & Board Members ensure effective engagement with shareholders, including ensuring their views are communicated to the Board as a whole
  • Ensure, in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer & Board Members, the effective engagement with stakeholders to understand issues and develop relationships, in particular with the volunteers, employees, members, partners and stakeholders DAISI works with but also governments and regulators, the media, special interest groups (including those with and without a Memorandum of Understanding with DAISI), who have legitimate concerns or involvement with DAISI activities.


  • Promote high standards of integrity, probity, ethics, diversity & inclusion ensuring DAISI’s compliance with the ACFID standards and Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure that DAISI operates to the highest standards of corporate governance.


  • Ensure Executive Committee, Office Bearers & General Manager Induction, Evaluation and Development
  • Lead an evaluation of the performance of the Executivr, its Board Meetings, the General Manager and individual Office Bearers
  • At least once a year, act on the results by recognising the strengths and addressing the weaknesses of the Executive, the Office Bearers and General Manager.
  • Oversee the assessment of fitness and propriety of the executive Committee Members and  those non-executive Office Bearers, and the related notification requirements to regulatory authorities.
  • Lead on matters of director development, including the development and monitoring of effective implementation of policies and procedures for the induction, training and professional development of all directors and regular reviews with all directors.