When it comes to collecting personal information about you, DAISI is committed to protecting your privacy and personal details.  If you have concerns regarding the collection of data about you then please CONTACT US.   DAISI’s Policy on collecting information about you is presented below.



1.1 DAISI collects and stores your name, address, telephone number, email, payment card details (including transaction details/history), date of birth, authorisations, records of your communication and interaction with us as well as services and activity with our digital services.

1.2 We generally collect these types of information directly from you. On occasions, we may also collect this type of information about you where the information is publicly available.

1.3 We collect information about you when you:

  • Provide feedback;
  • contact us by email, via the DAISI website or social media;
  • call us;
  • send us photos or videos;
  • make a donation online, over the phone or at one of our DAISI Charity Balls
  • go on a field trip with us (e.g. volunteering in the South-Pacific);

1.4 We need certain information to meet your expectations as a supporter; we can’t give you a tax receipt or send you information about activities you may have been involved in or plan to be involved in if we don’t have your name, email and address. If you apply to work with us (including as a volunteer) then we will collect information (such as your work experience and references) so that we can make a decision about this.

1.5 Sometimes we might have photos or stories about you if you have volunteered with DAISI in the South Pacific, or gone to one of our events such as the Annual Charity Ball

1.6 Sometimes we might collect your information from someone else such as from parents or guardians if you are under 15

1.7 Sometimes we might collect and/or ask you for sensitive information because:

  • we are very careful about who visits children in the communities we partner with, so will ask you for a criminal record check; and
  • we are curious about what makes you passionate about poverty and justice issues; like your faith, your values or your opinions, as this helps us communicate with you better.

1.8 To opt out, call us on 0478 067 159 or email us on staff@daisi.com.au

This policy was first created 15th November 2015 and revised on 1st July 2020