This policy outlines DAISI’s approach to handling complaints and whistleblowing, including through maintaining processes to respond to complaints, and protecting those who report wrongdoing.

POLICY Adopted / Reviewed: August 2020.

  1. The Chairperson  & Chief Executive Officer of DAISI must ensure the Company:
    1. Articulates that it is committed to conducting its business at all times in a manner that is ethical, lawful, honest, proper, safe
    2. Ensures that its ways of working actively minimise the risk of operational wrongdoing.
    3. Continually monitors for evidence of wrongdoing.
  2. The Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer of DAISI must:
    1. Ensure the Company maintains feedback, complaints and whistleblowing procedures that:
      1. Are documented in a clear and accessible manner
      2. Provide accessible, safe and confidential points of contact for internal and external stakeholders in each country in which DAISI operates
    2. For allegations of wrongdoing, corruption, fraud, bribery or other financial impropriety (‘whistle blowing’), both the Chair of DAISI and Chief Executive Officer of DAISI must be included amongst the possible points of contact.
    3. For complaints alleging breach of the ACFID Code of Conduct, complainants must be advised of the ability to make complaints to the ACFID Code of Conduct Committee.
    4. Requirements for making complaints must take into consideration the needs of the most vulnerable and consider minority and disadvantaged stakeholders.
    5. Provide time bound processes for investigation, escalation and response, in accordance with the principles of respect, accessibility, timeliness and transparency
    6. Provide prompt, firm, and fair corrective action where wrongdoing is identified
    7. Expressly prohibit penalties or retaliation against anyone who makes a complaint or assists in minimising wrongdoing, as long as they act in good faith, on reasonable grounds, and in accordance with the designated process.
    8. Endure active compliance reporting quarterly at the DAISI Board Meeting.