DAISI’s critical personnel are needed to ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Response in a coordinated and rapid fashion when the need arises.


  1. The key personnel and hierarchy with job delegation to ensure business continuity and a coordinated disaster response are as follows:

Chairperson – responsible direction overall coordination and executive decision making in cases of emergency.
CEO – responsible for day-to-day organisation of Country programmes and programmes officers. The CEO is usually the Designated media spokesperson.
Treasurer– responsible for ensuring up to date budgetary advice and the maintenance of a funds reserve to buffer DAISI against unexpected or un-foreseeable expenses.
Secretary – responsible for maintenance of up to date policies and protocols including those for business continuity and disaster response. Responsible for safe storage of critical database, operations systems.
Deputy Chair – To assume the role of Chair in the event or incapacitation due to injury, death or otherwise.
Country Coordinators – Critical to the implementation of DAISI’s local disaster response at a Country Level, working under the direction of the CEO.
General Manager – responsible for coordinating And communicating with the above mentioned personnel and partners in the South Pacific. Although a part-time position, in emergency disaster response these hours may need to be extended to enable constant communication and coordination during the critical component of the disaster response.
Shipping & Logistics Officer – Responsible for coordinating the delivery of urgent necessary supplies and equipment.
Environment Protection Officer – Responsible for assessing, containing and minimising the negative environmental impact caused by disaster.
Sponsorship Officer – responsible for organising urgent funding campaigns for specific emergency disaster response programmes.
Protection & Support Officers – the Child Support Officer, Disability Support Officer and Gender Support officer may be called upon to coordinate protection and support for vulnerable adults and children as a consequence of disaster.