DAISI is committed to fundraising in an honest and ethical manner being compliant with both the ACFID Fundraising Charter, and the Fundraising Institute of Australia Code of Practice.  It is DAISI’s intention to be truthful and ethical in all matters relating to fundraising and marketing, with DAISI’s policy stated below.


  1. All DAISI staff or volunteers engaged in fundraising must be familiar with the ACFID Fundraising CharterFundraising Institute of Australia Code of Practicec, and be committed to truthful and ethical fundraising and marketing, and must have completed the FIA Code training within 6 months of their appointment.
  2. Prior to fundraising in New South Wales DAISI must hold An Authority to Fundraise from NSW Department of Fair Trading an authority to fundraise under section 13A of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991, subject to compliance with the Act, the Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2015 and the conditions attached as Annexure A., which is obtained by application through the NSW Department of Fair Trading.
  3. Members agree to have compliance of Fundraising monitored by the FIA,  and one DAISI Board member must sign off annually as being adherent to this FIA Code of Practice.
  4. All DAISI staff or volunteers engaged in fundraising will not bring DAISI into disrepute, but will act professionally for the cause they represent, Donors and Beneficiaries, and at a level that encourages others to aspire.
  5. All DAISI staff or volunteers engaged in fundraising must be factual about exactly where the money raised is actually going to be spent including amount spent on development programmes versus administration and non development activities.
  6. All DAISI staff or volunteers engaged in fundraising must be respectful of those who do not want to donate, or request not to receive any further solicitations.
  7. The use of child photos in any fundraising must be with the parents consent,  must not portray the child in an undignified manner, and should not allow the child to be recognisable.
  8. All DAISI staff or volunteers engaged in fundraising must be particularly respectful of disadvantaged groups, particularly those that lack capacity to make a decision including children, within the donor community, allowing them to “opt out” of donations when reasonable or requested.
  9. All DAISI staff or volunteers engaged in fundraising must ensure appropriate measures are in place to protect donor’s information compliant with the Privacy Code.
  10. The source of all donations to DAISI must be published in DAISI’s Annual Finance report.
  11. Decisions to accept or reject a donation must be made in keeping with DAISI’s Principles and Code of Conduct, and the FIA Code of Conduct.
  12. Where the donor’s ethos is at odds or in contradistinction to the ethos of DAISI, and there is ethical uncertainty about accepting such donations, the acceptance or rejection of the donation must be made by unanimous vote by DAISI executive.
  13. Before accepting funds, DAISI will conduct checks of individuals and organisations against the Criminal Code list of terrorist organisations and the DFAT consolidated list of individuals and entities subject to targeted financial sanctions.
  14. Where large sums of money are being considered for donation, such as in a bequest, DAISI must not prevent or discourage a donor from seeking legal advice or from having a family member present when making the decision.
  15. Examples of where it would be unethical or unwise for DAISI to accept a donation include where: the donors lacks capacity to make a donation, where the donors’ activity is incompatible with the cause, where the cost of accepting the donation is greater than the donation or where there is reason to believe DAISI may be exposed to litigation as a result.
  16.  The privacy of donors consistent with the privacy act must be adhered to.
  17.  Photos, Videos, Imagery or articles used as marketing to promote fundraising must be truthful, factual, and used with permission and be compliant with DAISI’s privacy policies relating to the use of Photos, Videos, Imagery and Articles.
  18.  DAISI will clearly state the purpose for use of donated funds
  19.  All donors will be provided by DAISI with a receipt for money donated, with DAISI’s name,  ABN, and the purpose for this money stated on the receipt.
  20. A Donor’s wishes must be respected, and written permission must be obtained from the donor before public recognition of  a donor.
  21.  If contractors are involved in fundraising, they must meet all legislative and regulatory requirements and be clearly identified as beneficiaries to those donating.
  22.  If contractors (or third parties) are used for fundraising, these contractors should represent accurately the ethos of DAISI and its members
  23.  If contractors (or third parties) are used for fundraising, these contractor’s fees should be proportionate to the funds raised, and represent  fair market value  for services provided.
  24. If contractors (or third parties) are used for fundraising, these contractors must provide a written contract clearly stating the responsibilities of each party.
  25.  All photos, imagery, videos used for Marketing and/or Fundraising purposes must be reviewed and have unanimous support by DAISI executive.
  26.  The primary spokesperson for fund-raising matters should be one of the Executive board members chosen by unanimous vote amongst the DAISI executive board members.
  27.  The spokesperson should be familiar and complaint with both the Fundraising Institute of Australia Code of Practice and ACFID’s  Fundraising charter.
  28.  Training for DAISI spokespersons is given on suitable organisational protocols necessary for responsible and ethical Fundraising, with all DAISI Executive board members encouraged to complete the courses offered by the Fundraising Institute of Australia.
  29. Public material is reviewed annually and voted on by DAISI executive in order to keep public information accurate, relevant and as current as possible.
  30. Although special concessions are given to registered charities such as DAISI to contact people on the “Do Not Call Register of the Australian  Communications and Media Authority, DAISI chooses not exercise this privilege.
  31. If telephone calls are made for the purpose of fundraising, they must be compliant with the FIA Code,  with full open transparency, stating their name, purpose of the call and intended used for donations and and be restricted to 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am – 5pm on Saturday, and strictly prohibited on Public Holidays.
  32. Face to Face fundraisers, must wear a name badge with current photo including date, stating DAISI’s name and ACNC number and full business address,  and the cause for which money is being raised, and must approach public on their own (not in a group of two or more), and must not accept cash, a cheque or personal gift.
  33. Opt-Out options should be stated and presented in clearly visible text next to the call to action or cause on all DAISI digital (web, email, sms) and hard copy fundraising material.
  34. Fundraising using SMS (text messages) must be compliant with the spam Act. (ACMA Website)
  35. DAISI will contain all fundraising data using CRM (Customised Visual Sales) software and will complete data hygiene, respecting donor preferences and deleting contact details of donors who are now deceased, to avoid causing unnecessary offence to surviving partners or family.
  36. DAISI will portray beneficiaries only with their permission, and always  in a dignified manner in all fundraising material, will not use pictures of children, if funds are intended for adults and if parental consent is not obtained.

This policy was first created 15th November 2015 and revised on 1st July 2020