DAISI’s risk management policy for natural disasters including cyclone, tsunami, earthquake and volcanic eruption, are presented below:


  1. In the region DAISI works there are many natural disasters. These can be earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, storm surges and flooding. Malaria and other tropical diseases can also be an issue. There is a small risk of public unrest as well.
  2. All staff are to be well orientated to the possible dangers in each country they work prior to deployment and situations are to be constantly monitored.
  3. Slow onset disasters (cyclones, flooding, etc) will be monitored locally and from HQ and evacuation plan could be enacted.
  4. All areas of work will have an evacuation plan and the Team Leader will coordinate with local authorities in relation to any evacuation.
  5. Part of any MOU with host governments is the provision of security if required. No unnecessary risks will be taken in keeping programs ongoing.
  6. Decisions can be made by DAISI Executive Team (CEO & Board if Directors) to continue when safe to do so.