DAISI’s recruitment policy is committed to robust screening of all volunteers and members to ensure the exclusion of undesirable candidates.



  1. All volunteer or member applications to DAISI should include the following safeguarding screening measures:
    1. Mentioning DAISI’s strict adherence to the ACFID Code of Conduct on Child protection. This measure is important as a deterrent to any applicants thinking DAISI is a safe-haven for those who abuse children.
    2. Asking about criminal record and previous child offence charges.
    3. mention of requirement for National Police Record (NPR) check and Working With Children Certificate (WWCC) .

2. Interviews conducted for volunteers and members must also mention DAISI’s commitment to the ACFID Code of Conduct on all matters including Child Protection, as well as the requirement for WWCC and NPR checks.

3. A copy of WWCC and NPR Certificates must be kept on file for all members and Volunteers.

4. DAISI is committed to gender equality, and to having fair and equal representation of men and women among its membership, and executive.

5. All DAISI volunteers and members must agree to maintenance of confidentiality when it comes to the use of personal information of partners, recipients, or other members and volunteers.

6. All DAISI volunteers and members are orientated in matters related to occupational work and safety.

7. All DAISI volunteers and members must obtain travel insurance when travelling to the South Pacific to volunteer.