The first DAISI trip to the Solomon Islands was by volunteers Dr Gary McKay (Colorectal Surgeon), Dr Sepehr Lajevardi (Plastics Registrar), Gareth Iremonger (Auckland Medical student), and David Maze (USyd Medical Student) who volunteered at Gizo hospital in December 2015 and January 2016.

dr soma

Dr Andrew Soma was the first Gizo doctor to learn colonoscopy in December 2015.


Dr Gary McKay (Colorectal surgeon) with Gareth Iremonger (medical student).


David Maze (Left) and Gareth Iremonger (right) transporting unconscious head injury victim to hospital by water ambulance.

Gareth Iremonger and Dr Sepehr Lajevardi doing tendon repair of hand at Gizo hospital.


Medical students Gareth Iremonger and David Maze, were the only volunteers in the Gizo hospital emergency department during this visit due to the sudden return of the Australian ED registrar to Australia with Dengue fever. 

For Dr Gary McKay (colorectal and general surgeon) and Dr Sepehr Lajevardi (general surgical registrar) it was a fact-finding mission, however many surgical cases were able to be performed during this 2 week visit.

Trip # 1 Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 Gizo Hospital 


1 major (Gynae)
3 minors (Gynae)
1 majors (Obstetric Cases)
1 majors (Colorectal)
5 minors (Colorectal)
2 majors (General)
6 minors (General)
19 Total Cases