To support and encourage the Chair and the General Manager & Chief Executive Officer
in carrying out the vision, mission, values and aims and ambitions of DAISI.

Areas of Responsibility:
• The Deputy Chairperson (DC) is selected is voted in by DAISI members for a period not exceeding three (2) years. The
• The appointment to this role should not imply that the individual will succeed the Chairperson.
• The DC will fulfil the role of the Chairperson in the latter’s absence.
• The DC will generally take a lead on corporate governance matters
• The DC will be part of the review of performance of the Chief Executive Officer.
• The DC will stand in for the Chairperson at meetings with the Minister or other major
• stakeholders, or at events where the Chairperson is not available
• To support the Chairperson during meetings.
• To support the Chairperson where necessary in fulfilling duties that need addressing.
• To support the Chairperson in their role as DAISI Chair.
• Ensure that all members are aware of the DAISI’s goals and objectives.
• Be innovative in re-energising the Club and promote its many advantages.

Responsibilities during Meetings:
• Prepare an agenda in consultation with the secretary.
• Conduct the meeting in a manner that enables everyone to have his or her say.
• Conduct the meeting in a way that ensures business is dealt with efficiently.
• Steer the meeting through the agenda.
• Summarise what has been said.
• Move to vote if necessary.

• Work to develop and nurture a culture within DAISI that encourages success at all levels.

• Establish a realistic strategic/business plan and budget
• Establish working roles for the office bearers.
• Ensure DAISI members feel part of the process.