A member of the Executive Committee responsible for supporting and encouraging the Chair, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager in carrying out the vision, mission, values and aims and ambitions of DAISI.

Areas of Responsibility:
• The Deputy Chairperson (DC) is voted in by DAISI members for a period not exceeding three (2) years. The
• The appointment to this role should not imply that the individual will succeed the Chairperson.
• The DC will fulfil the role of the Chairperson in the latter’s absence.
• The DC will generally take a lead on corporate governance matters
• The DC will be part of the review of performance of the Chief Executive Officer.
• The DC will stand in for the Chairperson at meetings with the Minister or other major
• stakeholders, or at events where the Chairperson is not available
• To support the Chairperson during meetings.
• To support the Chairperson where necessary in fulfilling duties that need addressing.
• To support the Chairperson in their role as DAISI Chair.
• Ensure that all members are aware of the DAISI’s goals and objectives.
• Be innovative in re-energising the Club and promote its many advantages.

Responsibilities during Meetings:
• Prepare an agenda in consultation with the secretary.
• Conduct the meeting in a manner that enables everyone to have his or her say.
• Conduct the meeting in a way that ensures business is dealt with efficiently.
• Steer the meeting through the agenda.
• Summarise what has been said.
• Move to vote if necessary.

• Work to develop and nurture a culture within DAISI that encourages success at all levels.

• Establish a realistic strategic/business plan and budget
• Establish working roles for the office bearers.
• Ensure DAISI members feel part of the process.