Dr David Knox
Dr Knox, is an obstetrician and gynaecologist from Orange, with a long interest in volunteer work in the developing world including the Pacific Islands and Ethiopia where he regularly is engaged in volunteer work.  Dr Knox first visited Gizo hospital in May 2015 with his own anaesthetist Dr Leo Lacy from Randwick hospital doing quite a number of major operations in a short time frame for a backlog of accumulated gynae procedures. He was highly regarded by the staff at Gizo hospital.  Dr Knox and his anaesthetist Dr Leo Lacy return to Gizo hospital once or twice each year to do much needed gynaecological surgery with an emphasis on training local doctors as gynaecological surgical services are still severely lacking in the western province of the Solomon Islands.
In 2019 Dr Knox retired and took up studies in environmental engineering. He was awarded by DAISI at the 2019 Charity Ball for his outstanding service to the People of the Solomon Islands.