Dr McKay, a general & colorectal surgeon from Sydney and Secretary & founder of DAISI has a commitment to developing world medicine. Dr McKay studied medicine at Newcastle university where he was president of the Third World Interest Group (TWIG) responsible for sending medical students to developing countries for their final year electives. Dr McKay spent four years with his wife Roshini (also a nurse) doing full-time volunteer work and established Vision 2000 Community Health Centre in a slum district of Chennai, South India in 1994. More recently Dr McKay and his wife Roshini visit the Solomon Islands at least twice a year organising volunteer surgical visits to various hospitals in the Solomon Islands including Honiara, Munda, Gizo & Kirakira. Dr McKay’s main interest is working with current doctors in the Solomon Islands teaching various aspects of general, colorectal and laparoscopic surgery. Dr McKay is also a keen supporter of international exchange electives for doctors and medical students.