Dr Mark Muhlmann

Dr Mark Muhlmann is a colorectal surgeon from Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, with an interest in developing world medicine. He obtained his FRACS in 2007 and worked in East Timor as a general surgeon doing most cases the best he could being the “end of the road” as far as surgical referrals go. Procedures common to East Timor during that time included minor orthopaedics, burr holes for intracranial bleeds, minor amputations as well as all general surgery conditions. He then returned to Australia and completed his colorectal training with the CSSANZ. Dr Muhlmann is married with two young kids and committed to teaching surgery to trainees in the Solomon Islands. He visited Gizo Hospital (Western Province) in  2017 and plans to volunteer in Buala Hospital (Isabel Province) in the Solomon Islands, in October 2018.  Dr Muhlmann is dedicated to providing colorectal services to needy areas in the South-Pacific Islands.