Dr Sepehr Lajevardi

Dr Sepehr Lajevardi is Co-Founder of DAISI and was the elected Treasurer for DAISI from 2015-2017, and the elected Chair of DAISI in 2017-2019, and is now the Kiribati Program Officer for DAISI for 2020-2022.  Dr Lajevardi is also a plastics advanced trainee originally from Northern Sydney. Dr Lajevardi, along with Dr McKay, founded DAISI first volunteering in the Solomon Islands in January 2016, doing mainly plastics and hand/tendon surgery. He returned again in June 2017 and returns on a regular basis. Dr Lajevardi has been instrumental in organising the donation of much needed medical supplies and organising funding grants for DAISI projects, as well as fund raising and organisation of the DAISI Charity Ball. Dr Lajevardi is married to Nili Hali, also a DAISI member and barrister who provides pro bono advice for DAISI on all legal matters.  In addition to finishing his last year of advanced plastics surgical training and his PHD, Dr Lajevardi is passionate about developing world medicine with future trips to the South Pacific planned for later this year.