Improve DAISI’s environmental performance and reduce its organisation’s carbon footprint. 


Promote long-term community sustainable development projects that help people move towards self-sufficiency and reducing poverty.

Ensure DAISI is compliant with all of its legal and other environmental requirements

Where possible reduce or offset DAISI’s greenhouse gas emissions

Implement waste minimisation particularly when it comes to the supply of single-use medical disposables.

Minimise DAISI’s water usage

Promote initiatives that promote efficient transport solutions for our volunteers and staff to reduce the impacts of fuel burning on greenhouse gas emissions

Ensure minimal negative environmental impact related to DAISI activities.

Encourage the responsible reclaiming of medical and surgical supplies from Australia, otherwise destined to become landfill, and their responsible shipping to the South Pacific

Ensure that DAISI only sends equipment and medical supplies that are genuinely needed, and likely to be used in a timely manner to reduce the negative environmental impact that sending unused equipment has on the South Pacific.