Dr Eva Juhasz

Dr Eva Juhasz is a breast and colorectal surgeon and member of CSSANZ from North Shore Hospital, Auckland.  Dr Juhasz trained in general surgery in Wellington and Auckland and then completed a colorectal fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in 1992. Since then Dr Juhasz has been employed as a General surgeon, initially at Hutt Hospital and then at North Shore Hospital in Auckland. Dr Juhasz’s interests are colorectal surgery and surgery for breast cancer. She also covers acute general surgery on call and provides endoscopy and colonoscopy services. Dr Juhasz is married to Mel Easton, a lawyer and has four children all who are now over 18.  Dr Juhasz has been a mumber of DAISI since 2017, and has done a number of trips, including a trip to Gizo Hospital (Western Province Solomon Islands) in 2017 and to Kilu ‘ufi (Malaita Province) in 2018.