To ensure gender equality amongst DAISI volunteers, members, staff and its partners.


Ensure gender equality both in the workplace, and on DAISI’s field trips to the South Pacific.

Promote gender equality in the workplace and on field trips to the South-Pacific

Provide advice to DAISI board on methods to reduce gender inequality.  For example targeted questions regarding Preventing of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) could be asked of member candidates to explore their attitudes

Plan activities for those girls and women oppressed or exploited that includes a female perspective

Promote the involvement of women and girls in DAISI decision making.

Respond to all complaints or matters of gender inequality and submit these to the DAISI executive for investigation

Report violence or gender discrimination incidents to the CEO or another nominated person in an organisation

In Australia, report allegations of sex discrimination by a staff member or volunteer in the organisation to the state police.