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Good Samaritan Hospital

+677 744 3325

The Good Samaritan hospital is located on the coast in Tetere (Guadalcanal) and is only a 30km drive from Honiara.

The Good Samaritan Hospital was built by AMIS (Amici Missione Isole Solomon). It is a locally registered Charitable Trustee headed by Bishop Lucian Capelli and runs in collaboration with the Pieta Sisters of Solomon. Sr Daly and Sr Irene.

The drive from Honiara to Teter along Kukum highway is picturesque, and passes close to Tutuva beach.  Good Samaritan Hospital is also a short drive to Tetere Bay.

The hospital has a reasonable stock of medicines for most conditions.

good samaritan hospital pharmacy

A mini theatre is present but it has hardly been used. There’s no anaesthetic machine and current Equipment capacity at the Facility is not sufficient for surgeons. Simple anaesthetic medications are available including local anaesthetic, morphine and diazepam.
There are 29 Beds for admission: 6 male & 6 female, 6 beds for children, 6  beds for gynaecology and 5 beds for antenatal & postnatal mothers
There is no onsite doctor, with the hospital largely reliant on visiting overseas doctors. Visiting surgeons would need to bring their own equipment.
There are more than 12 registered nurses (3 of which are also midwives) and 6 nurses aids caring for patients.
Mobile phone coverage is available, with Internet available also while there is power.
Drinking water from rainwater tanks is available. Water for other uses is from a borehole.
Generator electricity is available from 7 am to 9pm and solar power is used for other times.

operating theatre good samaritan

Volunteer doctors, nurses, and nurse aids are welcome however the hospital is not always able to provide accommodation unless organised in advance.  Accommodation is available at nearby hotels or in Honiara which is 30 minutes drive from the hospital.

Dr. Joel Denty is a dentist and chairman of the Hospital Board and Mary Tavake, is the head nurse. Dr Hendricks Kaniki is the hospital medical officer.

Doctors or medical students wanting to do an elective at the Good Samaritan Hospital should contact Dr Joel Denty  Dr Joel Denty +677 781 5168   or Dr Hendricks Kaniki > Dr Hendricks Kaniki +677 781 5168  or Sister Daly  Sister Daly  +677 749 2716 or email the Pieta Sisters of Solomons Pieta Sisters of Solomons or Bishop Capelli  Bishop Lucian Capelli , or send your application by mail to: PO Box R 126, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Island