This visit consisted of three surgeons (Dr Gary McKay, Dr Ann Collins and Dr Daniel Kozman) and 2 anaesthetists (Dr Adam Hill and Dr Geoff Tweedale) and 1 pharmacist Erin Bertolin volunteering for one week at  Gizo hospital in the end of July, doing mostly colorectal and oral maxillofacial surgery.

everyone getting involved
Left to right: DrAnn Collins, Roshini McKay, Dr Gary McKay, Dr Michael Buin, Erin Bertolin & Pattie (scrub nurse)


Clayton Delano (Nurse manager) & Dr Gary McKay (colorectal surgeon)

Clayton Delano (OT Nurse Manager) in recovery with Roshini McKay (nurse).

anaesthetist in gizo
Anaesthetists Dr Geoff Tweeddale and Dr Adam Hill.

happy boat trip
Dr Adam Hill, Dr Ann Collins, Dr Danny Kozman, Henao Boara (nurse), Erin Bertolin, Dr Gary McKay & Roshini McKay

surgery under spinals

Dr Adam Hill administering a spinal for planned appendicectomy.


Video Collage trip # 2 GIZO HOSPITAL – July-August 2017