0B49E788-97D1-484F-9EF9-E5AE8835CEA2This one week trip to Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH), Tarawa Islands, Kiribati, from 29th September until 9th October 2019 was the second DAISI trip to Kiribati for anaesthetist Dr Harry Lam and colorectal surgeon Dr Daniel Kozman.  Anaesthetist Dr Renee Burton also joined this team.

The aim of this trip was to teach laparoscopic surgery, with equipment recently donated by St George Private Hospital.  However no carbon dioxide was available, so all procedures were done open.

The team arrived on Monday 30th September and were greeted by Migel, the Cuban surgeon.  No cases were prepared! On Tuesday a boy with a coin stuck in his pharynx required removal under general anaesthetic.  Wed – Friday, 3 rectovaginal fistula repairs, 6 fistula in ano procedures.  3 successful colonoscopies. More were not possible as the hospital ran out of bowel prep.


DAISI trip # 13 – Oct 2019 (Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgery) to Tungaru Central Hospital, Tarawa Island, Kiribati.


0 minors (Laparoscopic)
0 majors (Laparoscopic)
10 minors (open)
0 majors (open)
0 gastroscopy
3 colonoscopy
13 Total Cases