Kiribati MAP

Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) consists of 32 atolls and one island scattered over all four hemispheres in an expanse of ocean equivalent in size to the continental United States. The islands lie roughly halfway between Hawaii and Australia in the Micronesian and Polynesian regions of the South Pacific.

Dr Harry Lam is the current Programme Officer for Kiribati.

The three main island groupings are the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands, and Line Islands.

If you would like to volunteer your medical services in Kiribati, then Kiribati is a good choice with four government hospitals to choose from: a national referral hospital, Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH), and 3 subdivisional hospital – Kiritimati Island Hospital, the new hospital, Southern Kiribati Hospital (SKH) also called Kieia Ataei Hospital and lastly a small hospital, called Betio Hospital.  Doctors and specialists will need to complete the Application for Temporary Medical Registration form, and submit it to the Kiribati Ministry of Health email:>
Kiribati has a good working relationship with DAISI, however the Memorandum of Understanding between Kiribati and DAISI expired on 23 Mar 2021, and is awaiting renewal.

Getting there

Tungaru Hospital is the most accessible being right next to Bonriki Airport.  Fiji Airways does return flights to Bonriki International Airport (Kiribati) via Melbourne (12hr stopeover) and Fiji (1:15hr stop over in Nadi) for $2,200 departing on a Sunday. Bonriki international airport is less than 1km from Tungaru Central hospital.