There are many leisurely activities to do on the week-end or after a hard days work in Luganville and the island Espiritu Santo.


Luganville is said to offer the best diving and snorkling in the world with innumerable options, including the nearby Million Dollar Point, and the USS President Coolidge shipwreck.


Diving in USS Coolidge shipwreck located less than 1km from National Provincial Hospital (NPH).

Other Activities

Champagne Beach, Port Olry, and the nearby Matevulu & Nanda blue holes are also excellent visits.


Matevulu blue hole swim.


Port Olry Beach with Dolphin Island in background.

Tour guide John Hungai from Mount Hope tours offer a fascinating float down Mount Hope river with life vests and reef shoes provided. Ph: 7762 210


It ends at the spectacular Mount Hope waterfall climb (see below)


Luganville has a golf course 10km out of town but you need to bring your own clubs. Horse motorbike or quad bike riding is also available.

Fabrice from Island Fishing Santo (phone: 7740536 E: offers fishing trips and tours to Suranda bay for turtle & dugong watching.


All activities can be organised by your hotel once you arrive our you can contact Heritage Tours 7740968, Santo Island Tours 7742151, or Santo Safari Tours 7742178 .