Provide medical students with support and information about opportunities for volunteering with DAISI in the South Pacific.


Provide medical student enquires information on the process for volunteering with DAISI.

Help medical students to obtain supervisors during their period of volunteering in the South-Pacific.

Educate medical students on the standards expected of them when volunteering in the South Pacific, including the need to be supervised by a fully qualified doctor.

Make it clear to medical students, that the primary objective of DAISI is the support and training of doctors in the South-Pacific, and that medical student training will take a second priority to this.

Provide Universities with necessary documentation of medical student volunteering trips.

Ensure suitable containment of medical student numbers (usually less than four) on volunteer trips to reduce the risk of medical student supervision detracting from the primary DAISI objectives on volunteer trips.

Regularly attend DAISI meetings when indicated and when activities concerning medical students are discussed.