Republic of Nauru (RON) Hospital is located in Yaren and provides basic medical care; special treatment is mainly limited to diabetes and other obesity-related diseases at the Naoero Public Health Centre, run by the Department of Public Health. Radiological services and lab work are available at RONH and there is an operating theatre, but no facilities for MRI or CT scans. Anyone with serious illnesses and injuries that cannot be treated on the island must be sent by air to Australia. There is no pharmaceutical manufacturing or independent drug regulatory authority in Nauru. The Republic of Nauru Pharmacy imports pharmaceuticals from Australia and the Netherlands, and suffers from frequent shortages in supply as well as disruptions in distribution.


Denig, Nauru Director of Medical Services Telephone: +674 557 3060, +674 5573939, +674 5583900 After hours: +674 557 3060, +674 557 3064 (mobile)