DAISI is committed to the responsible use of photography.


  1. DAISI members and volunteers must:
    1. respect the culture being documented with photography.
    2. value subjects of photography by taking measures to interact with or involve them, and by treating storytelling and image-making as a collaboration.
    3. use discernment in candid photography and videography, and all published material, because another’s dignity and honour matters to us.
    4. inquire about how others are impacted by our images, examining the actual results of our best intentions.
    5. intentionally highlight common humanity through images.
    6. when taking photos or documenting a culture must explore both macro and micro factors that affect a place or people in an effort for multidimensional coverage.
    7. seek permission from the parents before taking a photo of a child, and refrain from taking a photo if asked not to.
    8. take the courage to delete some images that may reinforce destructive stereotypes, or publish them only along with other images that tell a more complete story.
    9. not take photos of people unable to give consent.
    10. Consider use of Ethical Decision Making Framework (EDMF) prior to the use of photography in a public domain.