Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) on Funafuti atoll in Tuvalu is the only hospital in the country, and the primary provider of medical services for all the islands of Tuvalu.

The health of people in the outer islands is managed by small medical clinics run by one or, if they are lucky, two nurses.

The staple food of the native people is white imported rice. With such a lack of space the country does not have the ability to grow vegetables or fruit above negligible amounts. If you marry this limited access to ‘healthy’ foods to the sedentary lifestyle of pacific islanders you can only imagine the size of people in the country! With this in mind, it is no surprise that the national burden of non-communicable diseases including hypertension and type 2 diabetes is enormous.

Getting there

Funafuti International Airport,Tuvalu is a short trip on a forty-four seater plane from Fiji. (flights run only twice a week) with rare and lengthy trips by ship allowing connections to the outer islands.

Fiji Airways offer flights to Tuvalu via Nadi  and Suva, usually with a 12-14 hour stop over in Nadi. A return flight from Sydney is not cheap and will cost about $2,200.


There are a number of budget bed and breakfast lodges close to Princess Margaret Hospital, including Afelita Lodge and L’s Lodge.  A bit further is Warmasiri Lodge, Vailuatai Lodge and Esfam Lodge.  By far the best accommodation is at the three star hotel Funafuti Lagoon Hotel (previously known as the Vaiaku Lago hotel).  The Funafuti Lagoon Hotel is situated in the centre of Funafuti town, about 50 meters from the airport and is set on the lagoon side of the island. Visitors have incredible views of the lagoon where they will witness some spectacular sunsets. It is a basic three star hotel. (See photo below):


It is 5 minutes walk from the airport and 20 minutes walk from princess Margaret Hospital.

Funafuti Lagoon Hotel
P.O.Box 10
Funafuti , Tuvalu
Phone: (688) 20500


Princess Margaret Hospital
Tel.: (688) 20 480
Fax: (688) 20 832

P.O. Box 41, Funafuti, Tuvalu

Mr Faiva Lee Moresi is the CEO for the Ministry of Health. Email:

Dr Elisala Natano is the Chief Pharmacist and Acting Director of Health. Email:

Ms Clare Whelan is the Health Advisor under PACTAM. Email: clarewhelaninfiji@gmail .com Mobile: + 688 7006121

Dr Samson Mesol is the only surgeon at Princes Margaret Hospital.

Dr Miliama Simeona is the Chief Obsterician & Gynaecologist. Email:

Mrs. Filoiala Sakaio is the Acting Director of Health Princess Margaret Hospital Tel: (+688) 20765. Email:

Up until Oct 2018 Dr. Nese Ituaso-Conway
was the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, Funafuti, TUVALU
Ph: +688 20815
Mob: +688 7001418
Tel.: (688) 20 480
Fax: (688) 20 832

Princess Margaret Hospital
P.O. Box 41
Tel.: (688) 20 480
Fax: (688) 20 832