DAISI is committed to the responsible donation of suitable equipment that is actually requested and useful to its recipients.

The below list is “work in progress” and contains currently available equipment for donating. The items in green have already been shortlisted for donation to a recipient who has already expressed and interest. The items in red are still looking for a home.

ItemQuantityModel/Serial NumberCommentsIs Functional (Yes/No)Is Electrical (Yes/No)Donated From
Edan ECG Machine14Edan SE – 1200yyBarry Barford – Rotary
Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical unit (on trolley)3YYBankstown Hospital
Stainless Steel Anaesthetic Trolley1YNWestmead Private
Stainless Steel Theatre Trolley1YNWestmead Private
Gaymar Bear Hugger Patient Warmer3 (2 bear-huggers and 1 thermocare)YYBankstown Hospital
Welsch-Allyn Flexible Light source2YYBankstown Hospital
Malmet Fluid Warming Cabinet1YYBankstown Hospital
Mindray Ultrasound Unit with Transvaginal probe (with trolley)1YYBankstown Hospital
Welsch-Allyn Ophthalmoscope and Auriscope3 (1 on trolley, 2 wall mounted) YYBankstown Hospital
Yellow glove dispenser trolley1YNBankstown Hospital
Sphygmomanometer (on wheels, requires cuff)1YNBankstown Hospital
Acuson Ultrasound System (on trolley)1YYBankstown Hospital
Office chairs (on wheels)17YNBankstown Hospital
Emergency Trolley (complete with accessories, glove dispensers), on wheels3YNBankstown Hospital
Bladder scanner (on trolley)2YYBankstown Hospital
HP ECG Machine2YYBankstown Hospital
IV Pole (on wheels)3YYBankstown Hospital
Anaesthetic consumables5 boxesYNDr Gary McKay & Various
Women and Children’s Clothing (to be used as packaging)4 boxesYNDr Gary McKay & Various
Medical Consumables16 boxesYNDr Gary McKay & Various
ECG Electrodes1 boxYYDr Jessica Lim 
Clothes box3 boxesYNAmbassador Apparel
Infant T piece resuscitatory1Neopuff Fischar & Paykel
Reclining Recovery Chair2Note: Requiring minor repairs. Broken handle and missing handle. Slight cracks in vinyl.YNBankstown Hospital
Wedderburn Patient Chair scale (on wheels)1YYBankstown Hospital
BiPaP Vision Ventilatory support system1YYBankstown Hospital
Welsch-Allyn Vital Signs Monitor (with pole and wheels)8Note: Testing required, some may need new batteries to work correctlyYYBankstown Hospital
Dalcross X-ray Light Box1YYDr Gary McKay
Soluscope Endoscopic Cleaner (with trolley)12 (approx.)YYWestmead Private
Maxibin9 (different sizes)YNWestmead Private
Fischer Paykel Infant Warmer5YYBankstown Hospital