The following items are urgently needed in Papua New Guinea & the Solomon Islands.

Emergency Department:

bandages (e.g. crepe, PEG)


plaster of paris rolls (for external fixation of fractures)

ECG dots


tape (e.g. micropore, transpore, leukoplast or elastoplast)


underlay (e.g. Velband) for plaster of paris casts

urinalysis test strips (measuring glucose, ketones, leukocytes, erythrocytes)

dressings (e.g. cutifilm, opsite, tanspore, melolite)

Operating Theatres

antiseptics (e.g. betadine, cholhexidine, alcohol)

diathermy equipment (pencils, pads, tips)

port trochars (for laparoscopic surgery)

Staplers (e.g. bowel staplers)

Sutures and ties (e.g. vicryl, monocryl, nylone, prolene)