Ensure that the administrative requirements of DAISI have been fulfilled.

Report to the Chair and Deputy-Chair/Chairs.

To ensure that quarterly board meetings are properly administered.
To ensure other meetings, such as the AGM, DAISI and events, such as charity ball, are properly administered.
Keep membership records up-to-date.
Monitor Executive Board action points.


Plan and prepare the committee meetings and the AGM with others as appropriate.
Plan meeting dates, booking rooms, sending out notifications, minutes and other papers.
Drawing up agendas together with the Chair.
Minute committee meetings or ensure that another minute taker (eg. General Manager) is available. In the case of closed meetings (with no others present) the secretary will take the minutes.
Accurately record decisions and actions in the minutes and report to the next committee meeting on the progress of actions and the result of decisions.
Maintain accurate and up-to-date membership records.
Deal with correspondence, writing letters/emails as agreed at committee meetings, summarising correspondence/emails received at the next committee meetings and drafting replies as appropriate.
Make arrangements for any necessary reporting to be done such as the annual report to members and ACNC obligatory annual reporting.

To ensure that the reporting obligations of DAISI are met;
That committee meetings are properly administered and recorded.
That the list of Directors and office Bearers of DAISI is kept up-to-date.
To ensure that the AGM, and quarterly Board Meetings are properly administered.
To ensure that membership records are kept up-to-date.
To ensure that annual returns are made to regulatory bodies such as ACNC as appropriate and in the correct format.

Ensure that committee meetings and the AGM are run according to DAISI’s Constitution and Company Governance Structure 

Ensure nominations for director are received in time and in the correct format.

Ensure voting procedures are followed correctly.
Ensure that any required business is dealt with (such as appointment of auditors).
Ensure that committee meetings including decisions and actions are adequately minuted.

Endure that DAISI’s policies and Code of Conduct Checklists as agreed by majority vote at Board Meeting, are accurately recorded and published on the DAISI website for all members and stakeholders to see.
Ensure accurate and up-to-date membership records are maintained in accordance with DAISI’s Constitution and Company Governance Structure.
Ensure that the annual report to ACNC is made on time.