To promote the honest & ethical procurement of funding and sponsorship for DAISI projects in the South Pacific,


Be familiar and compliant with the ACFID Fundraising charter, and the Fundraising Institute of Australia Code of Practice. 
Provide the treasurer with the source of all donations to DAISI which then must be published in the Annual Finance report.

Ensure the acceptance or rejection of a donation be in keeping with DAISI’s Principles and Code of Conduct, and the FIA Code of Conduct.

Where the donor’s ethos is at odds or contradistinction to the ethos of DAISI, and there is ethical uncertainty about accepting such donations, the treasurer must be notified and a decision to accept funding made by unanimous vote by the DAISI board.

To work in combination with the Board, CEO & General Manager to promote DAISI’s profile in the public and the donation and sponsorship for DAISI projects.

In consultation with the treasurer to supply necessary information to allow DAISI to comply with the Australian Taxation Office rules and regulations and reporting obligations for all donations received.