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Tulagi hospital is located in Tulagi (less commonly known as Tulaghi) the capital of Nggela Sule Island (also called Florida Island) in the Central Province. Tulagi (pop. 1,750) was the capital of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate from 1896 to 1942, with the capital of the Solomon Islands moving to Honiara after World War II.  It is 1 hours boat ride from Honiara.


Tulagi hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in the Solomon Islands being first established in 1918 (see photo below of the “native” ward).




Tulagi offers some excellent scuba diving. The wrecks of excellent scuba diving. The wrecks of USS Aaron Ward, USS Kanawha, and HMNZS Moa are are close by, and the wrecks of Ironbottom Sound are not much further off. The Ward is considered to be one of the world’s great wreck dives; the hull lies on a sandy bottom at 70 metres (230 feet), which is about 20 metres (66 feet) deeper than one can safely dive on compressed air. The Ward lies upright and intact, the deck replete with artifacts. Tulagi is rapidly developing a tourism industry based on scuba diving.


There are numerous accommodation options in Tulagi.  Raiders Hotel & Dive, is a small boutique hotel located in the small township of Tulagi with rooms costing SBD $500 a night, or SBD $650 with ensuite. Eve and Bob are the managers and are very helpful and can be contacted by land line +677 32070 or mobile on    +677 7494185 or +766 7938017 or email    Eve & Bob The service offered by this establishment is very good and they do excellent accommodation and scuba diving packages..


The facilities at Tulagi hospital are very basic with all but the most simple cases being transferred to National Referral Hospital in Honiara.  Previously Tulagi hospital had a dentist, but now it is run by nurses, with basic first aid and medical treatment including local anaesthetic.  The minor procedures OT has no general anaesthetic equipment.


Tulagi has no airport.  Long boats travel between Honiara and Tulagi daily.  There is one on site dentist but not medical doctor at Tulagi hospital.


There is currently no on-site doctor at Tulagi hospital.  Those interested in doing volunter work at Tulagi hospital should contact Tulagi Hospital charge nurse  Barbara Leinga who is very helpful: +677 748 4407 or Barbara Leinga