The status of your application to volunteer with DAISI in the Solomon Islands is indicated by the colour of text adjacent to your name:

red text = volunteer not yet confirmed (please email confirmation of your intent to volunteer to
black text = volunteer’s medical application form or nursing application form, necessary supporting documents & curriculum vitae have not yet been received by DAISI (please email to
blue text = application sent, pending approval from Solomon Islands Registry Board
green text = Good to go! Volunteer’s registration in Solomon Islands either not required or has already been approved


4. Sep & Oct 2020 GYNAE
Itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin Destination Confirmed
Details Dr Sean Heinz Gynaecologist Feb/Mar 2020 (date undecided) Western Sydney Area Health. Gizo Not Yet
Details Dr Leanne Panisi gynaecologist Feb/Mar 2020 (date undecided) NRH Gizo Not yet
Requested 18th October 2019. Still waiting on confirmation of dates from Dr Dickson Boara (medical director Gizo hospital).