This trip involved psychiatry registrar Dr Arjun Khaira working with head psychiatrist Dr Rex Maukera on the psychiatry ward from Sat 28th Sep until 7th October

It was a great experience for Dr Khaira, and a good opportunity for DAISI to branch out into psychiatry. Generally speaking Kilu ‘ufi Hospital has a small inpatient unit, with opportunity to also help out in the outpatient clinics.  Not achieved in this trip, but useful for future trips would be staff education, and school visits.  There is also a great need for occupational therapy in the ward and


kilufi by arj

Kilu’ufi at dawn


The Harbour at Auki

ferry to honiara

The ferry to Honiara.

doctors room psychiatry ward

The doctors writing room on the psychiatry ward.


15 inpatients (4 ward rounds a week).

saw 3 forensic cases,

10 Clinic/outpatients.