This one week trip to Gizo hospital was coordinated by senior surgeon from National Referral Hospital (NRH) Dr Douglas Pikacha.  It involved two DAISI surgeons from Sydney ( Dr Christophe Berney  & Dr Mark Muhlmann)one colorectal and breast surgeon from Auckland (Dr Eva Juhasz), two DAISI anaesthetists (Dr Rajiv Gupta and Dr Vinod Pushpalingam), two surgical registrars from Cairns (Dr Jason Jeffery and Tricia Siu) and one medical student from New Zealand (Sam Arnold).  Due to the number of voluteers this trip was able to run two operating theatres (one with GA facility, one with only spinal and local anaesthetic) for three days (Tuesday 26th Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th September) doing 48 cases. Dr Douglas Pikacha and Dr Christophe Berney (who arrived early) screened suitable cases from 10am – 2pm on Monday 25th September.   Gizo hospital provided 6 nursing staff and Honiara one anaesthetic nurse (Zephenia Roba) , allowing for greater efficiency during this trip allowing the safe running of two operating theatres.  Thursday 28th September was a day for relaxation and trip to Fatboys.  Several laparoscopic cases had to be postponed due to running out of muscle relaxant.  Surgical Registrar from NRH Dr Philip Komasi, and surgical registrars from Gizo hospital, Dr Jahrad Liligeto and Dr Jenny Sigoto were all involved in the surgery and education, with teaching of local surgeons the main objective of this visit.


chris berney and eva juhasz

Dr Chrisophe Berney and Dr Eva Juhasz doing inguinal hernia repair under spinal.

farewell dinner with speech by Dr Dickson Boara

Dr Dickson Boara (Medical Superintendent Gizo Hospital), giving farewell speech at Naqua hotel. The farewell dinner was attended by all OT staff and DAISI volunteers.

farewell speech by Mark Muhlmann

Colorectal surgeon, Dr Mark Muhlmann giving farewell thank you speech at staff dinner at Naqua hotel.

farewell photo

Farewell gift from Gizo hospital. Left to right: BeZephenia Roba (anaesthetic nurse from NRH), Rajiv Gupta (anaesthetist from St George, Sydney), Dr Mark Muhlmann (Colorectal Surgeon Prince of Wales, Sydney), Dr Christophe Berney (General Surgeon Bankstown, Sydney) Dr Eva Juhasz (Colorectal & Breast Surgeon North Shore Hospital, Auckland), Vinod Pushpalingam (GP Anaesthetist Perth), Dr Tricia Siu and Dr Jason Jeffery (Registrars from Cairns Hospital), and team leader Dr Douglas Pikacha (General surgeon National Referral Hospital).



Drs Eva Juhasz (colorectal surgeon from Auckland), Dr Rajiv Gupta (anaesthetist from St George Hospital, Sydney) and Dr Vinod Pushpa (GP anaesthetist from Perth) at Gizo hospital.


toe debridement

Dr Mark Muhlmann doing toe debridement with scrub nurse Pattie and Christine.

relaxing at Sanbis

The DAISI team relaxing at Sanbis resort on their day off. Left to right: Dr Rajiv Gupta, Dr Eva Juhasz, Dr Jason Jeffery, Dr Tricia Siu, Dr Vinod Pushpalingam, Dr Mark Muhlmann, and Dr Chrstiphe Berney.

douglas and mark

Team leader and surgeon Dr Douglas Pikacha (from National Referral Hospital), doing thyroid surgery with Dr Mark Muhlmann (from Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney).


DAISI trip # 7 – 25th September -1st October 2017 (General, Colorectal & Breast) to Gizo hospital


6 gastroscopy
2 colonoscopy
0 minors (laparoscopic)
0 intermediate (laparscopic)
1 majors (laparoscopic)
16 minors (open)
17 intermediate (open)
6 majors (open)
48 Total Cases