This five day DAISI trip involved colorectal surgeon Prof Peter Hewett visiting National Referral Hospital (NRH) and teaching basic laparoscopic survey and colorectal cancer surgery to local surgeons Dr Scott Siota and his registrars Dr Philip Komasi and Dr Stallone Kohia.  This was the fourth laparoscopic visit to NRH.  The aim of this trip to NRH was to build on skills already acquired from the three previous laparoscopic visits in 2016 and 2017.

Prof Hewett arrived Honiara on Friday 13th April. The first case was a laparoscopic ultra-low anterior resection for low rectal cancer done on Saturday 14th April.  There is no radiotherapy in the SolomonIslands so surgery was up front. The second case was an open subtotal colectomy with ileosigmoid anastomosis for an obstructing descending colon cancer, which was done on Monday 16th April.  The third case was a closed loop bowel obstruction.  The fourth cancer case did not show, despite best efforts to find the patient including door knocking! A didactic structured teaching session was given on the last day, teaching various aspects related to colorectal cancer surgery to the large number of surgical registrars (see photo below).


Prof Hewett was also on the last day able to organise previously donated surgical equipment which was a little haphazardly arranged.  Unsuitable equipment was also identified including a disposable  da Vinci robotic arm sleeve as well as an endoanal ultrasound probe without power source or monitor highlighting the importance of making donations appropriate and the importance of not sending junk!

There were no complications during this trip, and Prof Hewett departed Honiara  Tuesday 17th April, with the NRH team very happy with the session, and inviting him back for another session in November  2018.




Prof Hewett with Head of Department of Surgery Dr Scott Siota (left) and surgical registrars Dr Stallone Kohia & Dr Jahrad Liligeto (right) with other surgical registrars behind (Dr Philip Komasi and Dr Denton Aota) at the laparoscopic workshop, NRH.


Laparoscopic surgery at NRH

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