This was the first DAISI trip to Helena Goldie Hospital in Munda by colorectal surgeons Dr Santee Santhanam and Dr Gary McKay.  It was a friendly reception with lots of operating to do in the short period (2 days) that they were there.  The hospital has no anaesthetist, so only minor operations under local anaesthetics were done. In total 22 operations were performed, with larger cases requiring general anaesthetic sent to Gizo hospital.

Dr Santhanam suturing

Dr Santee Santhanam teaching medical student Nivanka.

santhe at munda

Dr Santee Santhanam (Colorectal surgeon) from Newcastle with wrapped operating tables donated by MedEarth and shipped to Munda by DAISI.

DASIS Trip # 2 Helena Goldie Hospital (Munda) 18-19th January 2017