This was a 3 day “fact-finding” mission by colorectal surgeons Dr Santee Santanam and Dr Gary McKay to Taro Hospital in the remote far North West Choisell Province.  The hospital OT was in a state of disrepair, with no surgical cases prepared so no surgery was able to be performed this trip.

Planes only travel twice a week to this remote Taro island in Choiseul Province, so we had to kill time for 3 days waiting for our return flight to Gizo.

Dr Santee relaxing at taro

Electricity runs for limited hours and only on weekdays so finding a cool spot to escape the heat became our major preoccupation. Pictured above is Dr Santee Santnam relaxing in a hammock on the most northern coast of Taro, trying to catch a breeze in the extremely hot weather.





DAISI trip # 3 – 2oth -23rd Jan 2017  (“fact finding” mission) to Taro hospital


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